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Safely to the goal – that is our motto

Owner-Managed & Independent

Finanzplanung in Marl

As an owner-managed, independent financial services company, we can proudly look back on over 30 years of experience. Founded by Mr. Dirk Mendritzki and managed until today, Finanzplanung in Marl stands for competence, seriousness as well as customer-oriented thinking and acting.
Zwei orangene Sesseln, kleiner Glastisch - Raum in Finanzplanung Marl Gebäude
Firmengebäude in Marl

We accompany you from the thought of your first property to the payment of your last loan installment

Our team consists of qualified professionals in the fields of real estate, finance, and insurance, and is particularly distinguished by the personal commitment of each individual employee.

Service out of passion, that is our motto and characteristic for the lasting business success. For us, service does not end with the conclusion of the contract. We are always there for you afterwards.

As a specialist for mortgage financing and as a bank-independent company, we have the possibility to offer you excellent and customised financing offers at first-rate conditions.
zu erstrangigen Konditionen zu offerieren.

Of course, we will check funding opportunities for you and incorporate relevant funding programs into your financing.

Professionally and innovatively, we also support you in the brokerage of your property and find a solvent buyer for your property.

Excellent contacts to architects, developers, construction companies as well as other service companies dealing with house construction make our service for your property perfect. Benefit from our contacts and convince yourself of our concept all-round service from one source.

A large number of cooperation partners from the insurance segment enable us to work out a tailor-made insurance and pension conceptor you and your life situation, to secure your existence and to safeguard your interests and wishes in old age.

Dirk Mendritzki - Managing director and financial economist

Dirk Mendritzki

Chief Executive Officer
Financial Manager

Heike Mendritzki - Real estate loan broker, real estate consultant, and insurance specialist

Heike Mendritzki

Property Loan Broker
Property Consultant / Insurance Specialist

Rainer Borzym - Financial economist

Rainer Borzym

Financial Manager

Dennis Thiel - Real estate loan broker and real estate consultant

Dennis Thiel

Property Loan Broker
Property Consultant

Alicia Mendritzki - Real estate loan broker

Alicia Mendritzki

Property Loan Broker

Franziska Mikus - Immobiliardarlehensvermittlerin

Franziska Mikus

Property Loan Broker

Nico Csehan - Real estate loan broker and real estate consultant

Nico Csehan

Property Loan Broker
Property Consultant

Christoph Wenzke - Immobiliardarlehensvermittler

Christoph Wenzke

Property Loan Broker

Kathrin Bongenberg -Real estate loan broker

Kathrin Bongenberg

Property Loan Broker


Jan Matyla - Real estate loan broker

Jan Matyla

Property Loan Broker

Dipl. Ing. Oliver Terwey Fachberater für Finanzdienstleistungen und Sachverständiger für Immobilien

Oliver Terwey

Expert Consultant for Financial Services