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Preparation of financing without equity
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What is meant by complete financing?

A Complete home financing is a mortgage without any equity. The bank will in this case not only finance the purchase price of the property (100-percent financing),but also the incidental costs (110-percent financing),such as:

  • Notary fee
  • Fees for land registration
  • Property transfer tax
  • Brokerage fee

If you meet the requirements for complete financing, you do not need your own money to buy a house, but can finance everything through a loan.


» Real estate buyers can accomplish owning property without saving well in advance.
» Savings do not have to be used for financing and can thus serve as a reserve or for other purchases.
» Prospective buyers can benefit immediately from the current low interest rate level.


» Banks demand higher interest rates for financing without equity.
» Without the use of equity, the term of the real estate loan is extended.
» In the event of unexpected additional costs for the project, only very limited options for subsequent refinancing.

Who is eligible for complete financing and what are the requirements?

If you finance a property without equity, this naturally presents the bank with an increased financing risk, so the bank attaches strict conditions and requirements to the approval of 100 percent financing or complete financing.

In principle, complete financing is not viewed so favorably by the bank because the co-financed money is spent on ancillary purchase costs after the purchase and does not present any material equivalent value.

If the prospective buyer has no equity capital, he must possess a high and secured income in any case.

The creditworthiness of the prospective buyer, in the form of an impeccable Schufa score, is also the top prerequisite for obtaining financing with little or no equity.

In addition, the location of the property and also the condition of the property is of great importance. If the property is located in a preferred residential area and is also in good condition, the chance of obtaining financing without equity is far greater than if these criteria are not met.

In principle, a high equity ratio is not mandatory today. Let us advise you, we are at your side and provide you with financing concepts that give you the opportunity to realize your dream of owning your own home with little or no equity.

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