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Finally the time has come!

How long have you been waiting for this moment?!

After hours of dreaming, numerous conversations and many visits to trade fairs, you have decided to live your vision and purchase property.
Real Estate Financing Consultation
Construction Financing - Piggy Bank and Real Estate
Regardless of whether you are planning to buy a property or to build your own dream home according to your own wishes and ideas, mortgage financingplays a key role in your plans.

This is what makes it possible for you to realize your dream and turn it into reality.

In the search for the optimal mortgage, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

As a bank-independent financial services company, we will provide you with a financing offer tailored to you and your needs , and we will be happy to do so at your home.

We work for the customer and not for the bank. From a large number of credit institutions, we select the optimal financing partner for you, therefore you secure a mortgage at top conditions.

How can we be of assistance to you?

Your contact: Dirk Mendritzki

Dirk Mendritzki - Construction financing expert with 30 years of experience

Mainstraße 16, 45768 Marl

+49 (0) 2365 10590-0

Your Benefits:


We compare the offers of a large number of banks for you, thereby you secure financing at top conditions.


With us, you are dealing with specialists in mortgage financing. For over 30 years, favorable mortgage financing has been our daily business.


Service is very important to us, we have flexible business hours and are also available in the evening and on weekends if required.


We will check for you the possibility of taking advantage of funds from KfW-Förderbank.


Every real estate financing is different, which is why we develop an individual financing concept for each customer.


We take over the professional marketing of your existing property for you as a broker. You can profit from our all-round service from a single source.

How can we be of assistance to you?

We accompany you from the first
real estate idea to the payment of the
the last financing installment

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Request a credit check / financing confirmation

What can you afford? Our specialists will check your creditworthiness and provide you with a financing confirmation at short notice if required.
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Check financing without Equity Capital

Whether you have little or no equity, we will explore all the options for complete financing for you.
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Request a Building / Property Financing Quote

Tailored financing offers from different banks: because the comparison makes the difference!
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Sell existing property

Whether it's a house or an apartment: our real estate experts support you as brokers in the purchase or sale of real estate.
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Calculate follow-up financing

Rethinking Mortgage Financing: We find financing solutions for the repayment of your remaining debt.
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Create an offer for an installment loan

Making dreams come true or eliminating liquidity bottlenecks? Our experts provide you with the necessary solvency.