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Follow-up Financing

Does your fixed interest rate expire soon?
Then it is time to think about follow-up financing. Basically, follow-up financing can be arranged in two ways:

This means that your follow-up financing remains with the bank where you took out your mortgage and you conclude a new interest rate agreement with a new term.

Debt rescheduling
After the fixed interest period expires, you have the option to go to another bank without compensation and conclude a new interest agreement there with a selected term.

Your consultant will work out and calculate with you which option is better for you. The general conditions of your financing will also be reviewed again and the term, fixed interest rate and financing concept will be adapted to your life situation, which may have changed in the meantime.

However, if you want to decide on follow-up financing up to 36 months in advance because you want to secure the current interest rate level, a Forward loan may be an option for you.

At this point, as with the regular follow-up financing, you can again decide whether you want to prolong your existing mortgage loan, i.e. stay with your bank, or whether you want to accept the offer of another bank.

Whether a forward loan is a good solution for you depends on your own life situation, but it is particularly influenced by the expected interest rate development over the next few years.

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