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You have found your dream property!

Excellent, now we are getting serious. You need to decide on a financing partner, and that is not at all easy given the wide range of offers, the different financing options and the large number of banks.

In addition, it needs to be well thought out, because the installment payments for your real estate financing will probably accompany you for decades to come.

With us, you are spared discussions with countless banks, because we work with a banking platform through which we can make you offers from almost all major banks, as well as from the local savings banks and credit unions.

For this purpose, we offer you a screen-based consultation, which means that you and your advisor sit together in front of the screen and can follow which data is relevant and is being recorded.

It will then be quite exciting when you can observe on the screen which credit institutions would make you offers at which conditions.

Your advisor will explain the different offers to you during the conversation and also offer different approaches and work out together with you which type of financing is best for you.

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