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Raising Capital Through Your Property
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Raising Capital

You are the owner of an unencumbered or almost paid-off existing property and have capital requirements for purposes that are not directly related to your property?
In this case, too, you can obtain short-term liquidity through your property. If you do not want to sell your property to raise capital, you have the option of taking out a loan secured by a mortgage on your property.

This type of loan security allows you to take advantage of the favorable conditions of a property loan and use the capital procured in this way for free disposal.

Compared to capital raised via an installment loan, this type of liquidity procurement is also associated with the fact that from longer durations, higher loan amounts and lower repayment installments. you can generally benefit. With an installment loan, the amount is limited to EUR 50,000. In addition, the interest rates for a consumer loan are much higher than those for a property loan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising capital through property ownership
+ Low interest rates
+ Large loan amounts
+ Long terms
Longer processing times
Costs for establishing a land charge
Early repayment only with prepayment penalty

Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising capital through installment loans
+ Simple application
+ Quick payout
+ Early repayment usually possible without additional costs
Higher interest rates
Higher repayment rates
Loan amount limited to 50,000 EUR

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